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Volunteer Appreciation: 9/13 / September 23, 2013


Volunteer Appreciation: 9/13

On September 23, 2013, we had our yearly Recognition Awards and Appreciation Luncheon at the Coronado Yacht Club. It was a beautiful day, and the lunch was fabulous. Thanks to the Airport for providing the luncheon. Most of the staff from Travelers Aid was in attendance: Kathleen Baldwin, Charlyne Bryant, Cynthia Compton, Marcy Roke, Kelly Kephart, (and Gina Bernsen, of course!). Thanks to all of the ladies for their support of the volunteer program. Kathleen announced that Travelers Aid received a grant to update the Ambassador website and to purchase tablets or iPads for the podiums and mobiles. As soon as a platform is determined, we will purchase and deploy the tablets. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas with regard to the website and tablets, please let Gina know via email or telephone: Gina Bernsen

Thanks to all the volunteers for their support of the program! A list of awards will be on the Volunteer bulletin board.